The following is a list of the best-known and most widely-used Kagaku items and potions from the Dragon Clan; GMs and players may also use it as inspiration for creating their own items.

Flash Paper (Moeagaru) – This is a type of thin paper with is treated with special alchemical solutions. It catches on fire from any friction (such as a shugenja rubbing his fingers along it), burning up in a bright instantaneous flame. Flash paper is sometimes used to write messages which might need to be destroyed, but its favored usage is to ignite it in front of an opponent’s eyes, momentarily blinding him. The target must roll Reflexes at TN 20 or be considered Blind until the Reactions stage of the next Round.

Kitsuki Powder – Developed by the Agasha to assist their Kitsuki cousins, this soft gray powder has a peculiar affinity for both human footprints and human blood. If it is scattered over an area, it will adhere to any footprints or bloodstains made in the last 24 hours, even if they were wiped up or otherwise obscured.

Liquid Smoke (Ekitai Kemuri) – This is a gummy liquid that can be set on fire. It emits a thick black smokes that burns the eyes and throat; victims are considered to be Dazed, but can make the normal Earth roll to shake it off. Liquid Smoke burns for ten minutes per dose.

Sleeping Fire (Hinemuri) – A thin clear liquid that is highly sensitive to changes in temperature and ignites when exposed to such changes (such as a warm foot stepping in it). Sleeping Fire burns quickly and thus generally causes only mild injuries (1k1 damage), but the sudden burst of heat can easily set a building alight.