Absolute Direction [Mental] (1 Point) [CR]

You possess an almost supernatural sense of direction, and you always know what direction is north, no matter the circumstances. This ability does not function if you are more than one day’s travel inside the Shadowlands.

Allies [Social] (Variable Cost) [CR]

You have carefully nurtured social connections. Some of those in your web of connections would go to great lengths to protect you, while others have considerable resources. And some precious few are both. The total cost of this Advantage is determined by how many points you spend on your all’s degree of influence and their devotion to you. Crane characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less than its normal cost.


  • 1 Pt. – Minor (no land or appointments)
  • 2 Pts. – Moderate (some land or political influence)
  • 4 Pts. – Major (vast lands or prestigious appointments)


  • 1 Pt. – Your ally would go out of his way to help you, but not risk his honor
  • 2 Pts. – Your ally would risk his honor to help you, but would so secretly
  • 4 Pts. – Your ally would do anything to aid you, regardless of the cost

Balance [Mental] (2 Points) [CR]

You possess an inherent calm and serenity that others have difficulty overcoming when attempting to antagonize or taunt you, and that strengthens you when your honor is tested. When adding your Honor Rank to the total of any roll made to resist Intimidation, Temptation, you add an additional +1k0 to the roll as well.

Battle Healing [Mystical] (5 Points)

Some of the most ardent and militant shugenja of the Empire, including the Kuni family and Bishamon’s Chosen among the Kitsu, understand that the essence of all Elements can be used to suffuse the broken flesh of an honorable warrior and make it whole. Water is superior for such things, of course, but the other Elements can suffice when necessary. Once per day per person, you may expend one Water spell slot or two spell slots in any other Element(s) to heal one Wound Rank of a Rokugani you are touching.

Blackmail [Social] (Variable) [CR]

You possess knowledge and proof of a dark secret held by another, and can use that secret to elicit their cooperation in a number of ways. The cost of the Advantage is equal to the Status Rank of the individual whom you are blackmailing. Using this Advantage too frequently or making grandiose demands on the person in question may result in deciding your death is worth the risk of exposing their secret, no matter what the consequences might be. Scorpion characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less than its normal cost.

Bland [Physical] (2 Points) [CR]

You are extremely unremarkable in every regard, and others have a difficult time recognizing you unless you deliberately draw attention to your identity or affiliations. Whenever someone is making a Lore: Bushido / Awareness roll to determine your Honor Rank, or a Lore: Heraldry / Intelligence roll to determine your identity (based on your Glory Rank), you may voluntarily choose to increase the TN of that roll by 10.

Blissful Betrothal [Social] (3 Points) [CR]

Your marriage has been arranged and, much to your delight, you have come to truly love your intended spouse. The social connections you have established as part of your enthusiastic marriage preparations allow you to purchase the following Advantages for two points less each (to a minimum of 1 point): Gentry, Kharmetic Tie (with your betrothed only), Social Position, and Wealth.

Blood of Osano-Wo [Spiritual] (4 Points) [CR]

You are descended from a bloodline of Hida Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, and his resilience lives on in you. You are immune to any penalties or damage from natural weather conditions, such as winter cold, summer heat, etc. If you suffer damage from a spell that employs natural forces (such as a mighty storm created by Hurricane, or a lightning bolt summoned by Fury of Osano-Wo), reduce the amount of damage you suffer by 1k1. Crab and Mantis characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Broken Wave Citizen [Social] (3 points)

Broken Wave City is the beachhead of the Yoritomo family’s influence upon the mainland, and as such is a center of commerce, education, and military organization. Those who dwell within the city have an incredible wealth of opportunity available to them due to the city’s importance to the clan. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Commerce and Sailing Skill Rolls.

Child of Chikushudo [Spiritual] (7 Points) [EoE]

One of your ancestors was a spirit from beyond Ningen-do, and you have inherited some of his vast abilities. You may choose a Minor Shapeshifter Ability (subject to GM approval). However, your abilities were never intended to be contained within a human form, so you suffer one of the following special penalties. You may determine the penalty randomly with a single die roll, or collaborate with your GM to develop a specific penalty, either from the chart or personally created.

  • 1-2. Unsettling Visage: You retain a bit of the animal within even in your natural state. You suffer a -2k1 penalty on all Social rolls.
  • 3-4. Crippling Stutter: The ancestor’s true form seems to interfere with your ability to communicate. Every few sentences, your words come out garbled and nonsensical.
  • 5-6. Painful Change: Every time you use one of your Shapeshifter Abilities, you suffer 5 Wounds.
  • 7-8. Base Instincts: Once a week, the animal within compels you to perform humiliating acts that would seem normal to an animal. If others witness your shameful display, you lose 6 Glory points.
  • 9-0. Unstable Form: You cannot fully control your shapeshifting abilities. Each time you use a Shapeshifting Ability, you must make a Void roll at TN 20. If you fail, you cannot use your Shapeshifting Ability and cannot use Void Points until the next sunrise.

Chosen by the Oracles [Spiritual] (6 Points) [CR]

For reasons beyond your understanding, you have caught the notice of one of the Oracles, humans suffused with the divine power of the Elemental Dragons. You must select one Ring when you take this Advantage. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Ring Rolls using that Ring.

Clear Thinker [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

You possess a sharp mind and keen powers of perception, making it very difficult for others to deceive you. Whenever you make a Contested Roll against someone who is attempting to confuse or manipulate you in any way, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of your roll. Dragon characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Crab Hands [Physical] (3 Points) [CR]

You possess a natural affinity for weapons of all kinds, and can take up even an unfamiliar blade without difficulty in times of stress. Any time that you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when using a Weapon Skill, you are instead considered to have 1 rank in that Weapon Skill. Crab and bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Crafty [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

You have a knack for instinctively knowing how to do things that most people prefer to avoid at all costs. Whenever you are in a situation where you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll using a Low Skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the Skill instead. Scorpion, Spider, and Ninja characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Dangerous Beauty [Physical] (3 Points) [CR]

You possess a certain quality that makes you all but irresistible to members of the opposite sex, and they succumb easily to your manipulations. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Temptation Skill Rolls made with members of the opposite sex. Scorpion characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Daredevil [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

You have a natural flair for athleticism and a complete lack of self-preservation when it comes to physical damage. Whenever you spend a Void Point to enhance an Athletics Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +3k1 to the total of the roll instead of the normal +1k1. Mantis characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Dark Edge Native [Social] (2 points)

As a native of Dark Edge Village, the administrative aspects of iaijutsu are almost second nature to you. You gain one additional rank of Lore: Iaijutsu. When arranging a duel or representing a duelist, your Status is treated as if it were one rank higher.

Dark Paragon [Mental] (5 Points) [CR]

You have mastered one of the precepts of Shourido, the dark code that forms the antithesis of Bushido. Once per session, you may voluntarily sacrifice 5 points of Honor as a Free Action in order to affect a particular type of roll as indicated below, and gain a bonus of +5 to the total of that roll. If you do not have 5 points of Honor to spend in this manner, you may spend a Void Point instead. Spider Characters may purchase this Advantage for 4 Points. The type of roll that each precept of Shourido affects is:

  • Control: Re-roll any Social Skill Roll
  • Determination: Negate all TN/Wound penalties on one Skill or Spell Casting roll (no +5 bonus is applied to the roll)
  • Insight: Re-roll any roll that used the Awareness Trait
  • Knowledge: Re-roll any roll that used the Intelligence Trait
  • Perfection: Spending the Honor causes any one die of your choice on a Skill Roll to explode (no +5 bonus added)
  • Strength: Re-roll any damage Roll
  • Will: Spending the Honor negates 10 Wounds at the moment they are suffered

Darling of the Court [Social] (2 Points) [CR]

During a recent court session, you did something that gained the notice of the host, resulting in an instant increase in your importance with all those in attendance. Select one court, such as the court of Kyuden Bayushi, the court of the Okura district in Toshi Ranbo, etc. When in attendance at this court, your Status is effectively one rank higher, but only while court is in session. Courtier characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 Point. You may take this Advantage multiple times for different courts, but only once for each particular court.

Different School [Social] (5 Points) [CR]

Your family sacrificed considerable resources and favors in order to sponsor your entrance into the School of another Clan. When creating your character, you may select a School of a different Clan to attend. You are still a member of your own Clan, however, creating a potential conflict between your loyalty to your sensei and your loyalty to your lord and family.

Elemental Blessing [Spiritual] (4 Points) [CR]

You are much beloved by the kami of a particular element, although you know not why that might be. As a result, the cost of increasing the Traits associated with one particular Ring, chosen when this Advantage is purchased, is decreased by 1. For example, if you choose Earth when you purchase this Advantage, the cost of increasing Stamina and Willpower is reduced by 1 Experience Point every time you increase them. Void may not be chosen for this Advantage. Phoenix characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Enlightened [Spiritual] (6 Points) [CR]

Your spiritual journey toward complete harmony with the universe as a whole has begun to reach its destination. In addition to whatever storyline effects your GM may choose to bestow on you, you also find it easier to enhance your connection to the Void. When you are using Experience Points to increase your Void Ring, the total cost is decreased by 2 points each time. Dragon and monk characters may purchase this Advantage for 5 points.

Fame [Social] (3 Points) [CR]

As a result of your actions, there are many in the Empire who know your name. You gain +1 Glory Rank.

Forbidden Knowledge [Mental] (5 Points) [CR]

There is a subject about which you possess considerable knowledge and insight. The problem is that his subject is forbidden, and considered grossly socially inappropriate if not outright illegal. Anyone who discovers your expertise in this area might rightly wonder how you came upon it. The benefits of the Advantage vary depending upon the nature of the information, and players should discuss with their GM how this Advantage will work. The most common examples of Forbidden Knowledge include:

  • Gaijin Pepper: You possess firsthand knowledge of gunpowder, both how to create it and how to use it. You gain one rank in Craft: Explosives, and possess a small pouch of gaijin pepper that you may carry with you if you so choose.
  • Gozoku: You possess an intricate knowledge of the Gozoku onspiracy against the throne, either in its first or second incarnation, and may in fact be a member of that organization. You gain one rank in Lore: Gozoku and gain a bonus on +1k1 on Social Skill rolls with known members of the Gozoku.
  • Kolat: You are intimately familiar with the nature and operations of the blasphemous Kolat order, and may be a member of that organization. You gain one rank in Lore: Kolat and gain a bonus of +1k1 on Social Skill rolls with known members of the Kolat.
  • Lying Darkness: You are familiar with the entity known as the Lying Darkness, its methods, and its minions. You may have come into conflict with it in the past, and perhaps it hunts you still. You gain one rank of Lore: Lying Darkness, and you may observe an individual and make a Lore: Lying Darkness / Perception Roll (TN 30) to determine if he has been corrupted by the Lying Darkness.
  • Maho: You are familiar with the forbidden and blasphemous magic known as maho, and may in fact be a practicing maho-tsukai (black sorcerer) yourself. You gain 1 rank in Lore: Maho and, at the GM’s discretion, you might begin play knowing a maho spell.

Friendly Kami [Spiritual] (5 Points) [CR]

A particular kami has befriended you, and stays in your vicinity at all times. Choose one element when this Advantage is purchased. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Spell Casting Rolls made to cast Sense, Commune, or Summon with regard to that Element only. Only shugenja may purchase this Advantage. You may not select this Advantage for an Element in which you are Deficient.

Friend of the Brotherhood [Spiritual] (5 Points) [CR]

You have studied among your allies at the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and as a result you understand your place in the universe slightly better than most. You may purchase Kiho as though you are a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, instead of paying a higher cost. You must still meet all other normal restrictions on learning Kiho. Only characters from Monk or Shugenja Schools (and not Monk characters from Brotherhood of Shinsei) may purchase this Advantage. Dragon characters may purchase this Advantage for 4 points.

Friend of the Elements [Spiritual] (4 Points) [CR]

The spirits of a certain Element swirl about you at all times, lending their aid when possible even though you are likely unaware of their presence. Choose a Ring when this Advantage is purchased. Whenever you make a Trait Roll with either Trait associated with that Ring, you gain a Free Raise. Shugenja characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Gaijin Gear [Material] (5 Points) [CR]

You possess a single piece of equipment that is gaijin in origin, constructed somewhere beyond the boundaries of the Emerald Empire. It may be a weapon from one of the many warrior cultures around Rokugan, such as the Senpet Empire, the overseas kingdoms of Merenae and Thrane, the barbarian Yobanjin tribes to the north, or even the distant Yodotai Empire far to the northwest. In this case simply establish a comparable weapon from Rokugan and use its mechanics, but the item will require its own unique Weapon Skill to utilize it. Non-weapon options include such bizarre objects as compasses, spyglasses, magnifying glasses, scissors, etc. Mantis and Unicorn characters may purchase this Advantage for 4 points.

Gentry [Material] (Variable) [CR]

In the manner of all samurai, you have been given a duty to oversee that which ultimately belongs to the Emperor. In your case, however you charge is significantly larger than most ever achieve. The number of points assigned to this Advantage determines the size of the holding you have been assigned to oversee. Multiple characters can combine points in this Advantage in order to jointly oversee a larger holding. Characters assigned to oversee a holding are responsible for defending it, administrating it, and ensuring that all taxes are paid to all responsible parties. This can be the basis for an entire campaign.

Holding (Cost)

  • Village (8 points)
  • Large Village (15 Points)
  • Unique Holding [Sake Works, Falconry, etc.] (18 points)
  • Town (20 points)
  • City (25 points)
  • Province (30 points)

Great Destiny [Spiritual] (5 Points) [CR]

The kharmic cycle has some great purpose in store for you, and the Celestial Order will conspire to keep you alive, no matter what, until your destiny can be fulfilled. Once per session, when you suffer Wounds that would kill you, you are reduced to a single Wound remaining instead. This will only happen once per session, as there are limits to the extent that the heavens will intervene in mortal affairs.

Great Potential [Varies] (5 Points) [CR]

Within you lies the potential to excel at one particular endeavor, perhaps more so than any other living soul in the Empire. Select any one Skill when you purchase this Advantage. When you make Raises on a Skill Roll using that Skill, your Raises are limited to your rank in that Skill instead of your Void Ring. If your Void Ring is higher, however, you may use that as a measure for your Raises if you so choose.

Hands of Stone [Physical] (6 Points) [CR]

Some have a natural talent for unarmed combat, and you are one such individual. The Damage Rolls for your unarmed attacks are increased by +0k1. Monk characters may purchase this Advantage for 5 points.

Heart of Vengeance [Social] (5 Points) [CR]

One Clan has earned your eternal, undying hatred, and nothing will ever quench your rage. Select one Clan or other faction (such as the Brotherhood of Shinsei or one of the Imperial families) when purchasing this Advantage. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of any Contested Roll made against a member of that Clan/faction. Spider characters may purchase this Advantage for 4 points.

Heartless [Mental] (4 Points)

You have a heart of stone. Attempts to woo you or sway your heart – whether through love, courtesy, compassion, or mercy – fall on deaf ears. You gain a +1k0 bonus to rolls made to resist any Courtier, Sincerity, or Temptation roll made for the purpose of persuading you, seducing your, or otherwise changing your mind.

Hero of the People [Social] (2 Points) [CR]

Although your reputation among your fellow samurai may not be any better than that of the next individual, your actions have garnered the adoration of the common folk. When meeting citizens of Rokugan who are not members of the samurai caste, the TN for them to recognize you, as determined by your Glory Rank, is lowered by 10.

Higher Purpose [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

There is some greater purpose to which you have devoted your life. This is not a simple matter, but some grand work that will take years or perhaps even the whole of your life to accomplish. Whatever this goal is, during any session in which you and the GM agree you have made demonstrable progress toward it, you gain one additional Experience Point.

Imperial City Citizen [Social] (2 points)

Being stationed in the Imperial City is a tremendous honor for anyone, even among the Crane, and indicates both your level of skill and the degree of faith that your clan places in you. Your Glory is considered one rank higher when interacting with members of any Courtier School.

Imperial City Veteran [Social] (2 points)

Being stationed in the Imperial City is a tremendous honor for anyone, even among the stoic Lion Clan, and indicates both your level of skill and the degree of faith that your clan places within you. Your Glory is considered one rank higher when interacting with members of any Bushi School.

Imperial Scribe [Social] (4 Points) [IH]

  • Requirements; Status 2+, Calligraphy 4+

You have been trained as a scribe in the Imperial City, which is both a recognition of your considerable skill at calligraphy and means of ensuring that you remain among the most respected calligraphers hereafter. You gain a bonus of +1k0 on all Social skill Rolls made against shugenja and artisans, who have a great appreciation for your skill and position. Additionally, you gain a Free Raise on Calligraphy Skill Rolls.

Imperial Spouse [Social] (5 Points) [CR]

Through a careful exchange of favors and resources, your family arranged for you to be married to a minor member of an Imperial family. Your spouse was not of high enough station to warrant you taking an Imperial name, but there are benefits all the same. You gain +0.5 Status Ranks, and gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Social Skill rolls made with members of the Imperial families.

Inari’s Blessing [Spiritual] (3 Points) [CR]

The Fortune of Rice is a lesser Fortune, but nevertheless is among the most revered entities throughout the whole of Rokugan, particularly by the common people of the Empire. When fasting or deprived of food, you do not suffer from the normal inability to regain Void Points, although other penalties apply as normal.

Inheritance [Material] (5 Points) [CR]

When you received your gempukku ceremony, your family honored you with an heirloom of your ancestors. It is among your most precious possessions, and you would die before you allowed it to be harmed or brought dishonor to it. You possess one item in addition to the normal starting equipment provided by your School. Whenever you make a Skill Roll using this item, such as a Perform: Biwa roll with a biwa, a Games: Go roll with a go set, or a Kenjutsu roll with a katana, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the roll. This bonus does not apply to any attack or damage rolls, only Skill Rolls made for non-combat purposes (rolls made outside of a skirmish).
Players and GMs may agree to allow a more powerful or unique item to inherited for a higher Experience Point cost. Such special cases should be discussed carefully beforehand to ensure fairness and balance.

Inheritance: Asahina Blade [Material] (9 points)

The near-mythical priest smiths of the Phoenix Clan have a venerable tradition to honor the memory of Isawa Asahina, one of the clan’s great heroes and a symbol of their clan’s alliance with the Crane Clan. An Asahina Blade is a 3k2 wakizashi. When you use the Guard Action while wielding this weapon, the bonus to your charge’s Armor TN is increased an additional amount equal to your Honor Rank.

Inheritance: Kobune [Material] (10 points)

One of your relatives was a successful captain for the Mantis, and his ship has passed to you now that you have come of age. You may not be the most prepared for such a task, but the option is available if you wish it. You possess a small kobune, one that can be successfully crewed with perhaps a half dozen men including yourself. You are capable of making a trip between the mainland and the Mantis islands in two weeks, assuming it is not storm season, and a single voyage should cover expenses and end with a profit for you. The exact size of the profit should be determined by the GM (possibly with the assistance of Commerce Skill rolls from you), but will typically range between 5 and 10 koku per voyage. If your campaign utilizes the optional rules from Emerald Empire, this Advantage also confers 2 Duty Points.

Inheritance: Trained Falcon [Material] (2 Points)

You are in possession of a trained hunting falcon, the most recent of a long line of carefully bred hunting animals maintained by your family’s falconry experts. This falcon is an exceptional specimen, and increases the number of Wounds it can sustain at each level by 5. It also rolls one additional die when making an attack. Toritaka characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point.

Inheritance: Water Hammer Armor [Material] (Special)

You have been bequeathed a suit of armor that was forged upon the great scale of the Water Dragon in the heart of Suigeki Toshi. Only a handful of such suits exist, and few indeed are honored to wear them. Your armor has its Reduction value increased by 2. The point cost of this Advantage is dependent upon the type of armor granted. Ashigaru armor is worth 4 points, light armor 7 points, heavy armor 12 points, and riding armor 15 points.

Inner Gift [Spiritual] (7 Points) [CR]

You possess a mysterious gift that even shugenja cannot fully understand. Monks describe individuals such as yourself as existing in an unique state of harmony with the universe, but then they say that sort of thing a lot. Your gift may be a manifestation of the kami, perhaps an indicator of spirit ancestry, or any of a number of different theories. The exact nature of an Inner Gift should be discussed with the GM before taking this Advantage. Examples of Inner Gifts include the following:



Animal Ken

You may instinctively Sense the mood of animals; animals regard you as friendly.


You gain a bonus of +1k1 to Courtier rolls made to determine another’s feelings/desires.


You are difficult to surprise, and gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of Initiative rolls.

Lesser Prophecy

You sometimes have vague dreams of the future, such as a bloody knife before a murder.

Spirit Touch

You may make an Awareness roll (TN 15) to see the last person to touch an object you are touching.

Iron Heart Native (Physical) [2 Points]

Your ancestors are from the region near Iron Heart Village, and the traits common to that region remain manifest in you. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to any Stamina Trait Roll or to any non-damage roll using the Strength Trait (including rolls to control Grapples).

Irreproachable [Mental] (2 Points) [CR]

You have a soul of virtue that is beyond reproach, and others find it difficult if not impossible to lead you into dishonorable behavior. When making a Contested Roll where the other party is using the Temptation Skill, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to your roll. Imperial characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point.

Ishiken-Do [Spiritual] (8 Points) [CR]

You have that rarest of gifts, the ability to commune with the Void itself. This gift is similar in many respects to the ability to speak to the kami, save that there are no naturally occurring kami of the Void; the Void itself is a living thing, both everything and nothing at all once. You may cast Void spells. Only shugenja may take this Advantage, and without this Advantage a character cannot cast Void spells. Phoenix characters may purchase this Advantage for 6 points.

Kharmic Tie [Spiritual] (1-5 Points) [CR]

Your destiny is not yours alone, but is bonded to that of another in some fundamental way. You may have been close to this other person during a previous life, or perhaps your destiny in this life will yet be entwined in theirs in some essential manner. Select one person when purchasing this Advantage. For each point spent on this Advantage, once per session you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all attack rolls made when fighting for or protecting the person to whom you are bonded.

Languages [Mental] (1 or 3 Points) [CR]

The Empire has only one language with two dialects. The world around Rokugan, however, has a wide variety of nations and cultures, each with their own language. For 1 point, you may learn one human language from any surrounding culture, including but not limited to: the Yobanjin dialect, Senpet, Yodotai, Mekham, Merenae, Rhuumal, Thrane, etc. A non-human language, such as the Nezumi or Naga languages, requires three points and confers only the ability to understand the language and a limited ability to express very basic concepts verbally.

Large [Physical] (4 Points) [CR]

You are significantly larger than the average Rokugani, ranging in height from 6’0″ to 6’3″ in height. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Damage Rolls for any large melee weapon. Crab characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Laughing Plains Native (Mental) [2 Points]

You possess the traits indigenous to the people of Laughing Plains Village, from whence some distant ancestor of yours originated. Your dour and bleakly stoic outlook on life grants you a bonus of +5 when rolling to resist any Fear effect.

Leadership [Social] (6 Points) [CR]

You have an innate knack for leading and inspiring others in battle. Once per Round during the Reactions stage, you may add your School Rank plus 1k1 to the Initiative Score of one ally in a skirmish. This bonus lasts until the Reactions stage of the following round. An individual may only benefit from one use of this Advantage per Round. Lion characters may purchase this Advantage for 5 points.

Luck [Spiritual] (3/6/9 Points) [CR]

Fortune favors the mortal man. A number of times per session equal to your rank in this Advantage, you may choose to immediately re-roll any one roll you make, keeping the higher of the two results.

Magic Resistance [Spiritual] (2/4/6 Points) [CR]

For reasons beyond your understanding, the kami are reluctant to involve themselves with you in any way. For each rank you possess in this Advantage, all elemental spells targeting you have the TN of the Spell Casting Roll made to enact it increased by +3. Maho, gaijin, and non-human forms of magic are not affected by this Advantage.

Medium [Spiritual] (4 Points) [EoE]

You have a strong connection with the Spirit Realms beyond your own. Though you may not physically travel to the other Realms, you may project your spirit into them by entering deep concentration. Your spiritual projection is malleable, and whenever you encounter other spirits while in this state they will treat you as one of their own unless you choose to reveal your status as outsider to them

Multiple Schools [Social] (10 Points) [CR]

You have been given an incredible opportunity to study at multiple dojo, each associated with a different major School. This is a rare opportunity indeed, as being released from one’s oaths to one sensei in order to study with another requires extraordinary circumstances. This Advantage may only be purchased during play, and once it is taken, the character stops progression in his current School. Upon reaching the next Insight Rank, he begins learning Techniques from the new School beginning at Rank 1. Before learning any Techniques from a given School, you must possess at least one rank in all School Skills taught there. Under no circumstances can a character ever take ranks in both a Bushi School and a Shugenja School; the two are simply incompatible in every respect.

Naga Ancestry [Physical/ Spiritual] (7 Points)

Either through a quirk of the Akasha’s strange powers, or perhaps due to an unknown dalliance between a human and a Naga, the blood of both races flows through your veins. You may purchase Naga-only Advantages at the normal cost, and you gain a bonus of +1k0 on all Social Skill Rolls made with members of the Naga race.
At the GM’s option, characters with this Advantage may manifest physical signs of their inhuman ancestry, such as slit pupils or a faint sheen of scales on their skin. These effects would likely produce a social penalty when interacting with other Rokugani (most likely a -1k0 or -2k0 penalty, depending on how xenophobic a particular person might be), so if this approach is taken the total point cost of this Advantage should be reduced to 5.

Naishou Citizen (3 Points) [NP]

You are an inhabitant of Naishou Province, a proud and ancient area which has remained dedicated to the worship of the Fortunes through difficult times. You can buy a Seven Fortunes’ Blessing Advantage for one less Experience Point. With the GM’s agreement, you can later buy the Advantage again for a different Fortune, although you lose the original Advantage when doing so. Finally, you gain a Free Raise on all Social Skill rolls dealing with monks aligned to the Fortune for which you currently have the Seven Fortunes’ Blessing Advantage.

Nikesake Citizen [Social] (3 points)

As a citizen of Nikesake, you have gained important contacts within the Crane Clan, and your prestige within court has increased as a result. You gain a bonus of +1k0 on any Social Skill Roll made interacting with a member of the Crane Clan. You also may purchase the Allies Advantage for one point less than normal when purchasing Allies within the Crane (the Ally still has a minimum point cost of 1).

Paragon [Mental] (7 Points) [CR]

You exemplify the code of Bushido, and have taken one particular tenet to heart and made it your way of life. In addition to the benefit listed below, any time you gain Honor for exhibiting the virtue for which you have the Paragon Advantage, you gain an additional +1 Honor. Lion characters may purchase this Advantage for 6 points.

  • Compassion – Any time you spend a Void Point to improve a roll made to directly help those lower than you in the Celestial Order, you gain +2k2 instead of +1k1.
  • Courage – You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of any roll made to resist Intimidation or to overcome Fear effects.
  • Courtesy – Any time you make an Etiquette roll to avoid an embarrassment or breach of honor, you add +2k0 to the roll.
  • Duty – You may spend a Void Point on any Skill Roll or Spell Casting Roll to negate all TN penalties for that roll, including Wound penalties.
  • Honesty – On a Sincerity (Honesty) roll, you add a bonus of +1k1. You may add this bonus even if you do not possess the Emphasis, but it would apply in the situation at hand.
  • Honor – You may add twice your Honor Rank to all rolls to resist Temptation or Intimidation rolls, instead of the normal bonus.
  • Sincerity – You may add a bonus of +2k0 to all Contested Rolls using Sincerity.

Perceived Honor [Social] (3 Points/Rank) [CR]

Others find it difficult to perceive your true nature, a fact that benefits you in concealing your sometimes questionable actions. For each rank you possess in this Advantage, your Honor is considered one full rank higher for the purpose of all attempts to discern it. Anyone attempting to roll Lore: Bushido / Awareness to determine your Honor Rank will determine the false rank instead of the actual Honor.

Precise Memory [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

You have an incredible ability to recall exactly things you have seen or heard. In any situation where you need to remember something exactly the way it was, whether the wording of something you read or the details of a person’s physical appearance, you add a bonus of +1k1 to your Intelligence Trait Roll.

Prodigy [Physical] (12 Points) [CR]

You are a marvel of the dojo, and your sensei believes that you will accomplish incredible things in your lifetime. Whenever you make a School Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the roll.

Quick [Physical] (6 Points) [CR]

You can react quickly to others, seizing advantage where previously there had been none. If you did not act first during a Combat Round, during the Reactions Stage of combat you may add your Reflexes Trait to the total of your Initiative Score for all subsequent rounds of this skirmish. This may be done each Round that you did not act first. Ninja characters may purchase this Advantage for 5 points.

Quick Healer [Physical] (3 Points) [CR]

Your body mends incredibly quickly, allowing you to recover from even devastating wounds with amazing speed. For the purposes of recovering Wounds, your Stamina is considered to be two ranks higher.

Read Lips [Mental] (4 Points) [CR]

Either through natural ability or incredible patience and practice, you have the ability to understand what others are saying even if you cannot hear them, simply by observing how their lips move. When you are in a situation where others are speaking and you cannot hear them, you can understand what they are saying by making a Perception Trait Roll against TN 15 + 5 for every twenty feet away from you the speakers are. Courtier characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Reincarnated [Spiritual] (6 Points, 5 For Henshin and For Characters With Ancestors)

Despite having passed through Meido, you retain some faint recollection of your previous life. You gain +1k0 to any three non-School Skills of your choice (subject to GM’s approval). Any time you spend a Void Point to enhance a roll using one of those Skills, you suffer the effects of the Anachronism disadvantage for 1-10 hours. In addition, you will occasionally have dreams or vague memories from your previous life, which may or may not become relevant to your current existence.
Note: GMs who allow Naga characters may also opt to make this Advantage available to Naga to represent the ancestral memories of the Akasha. If used in this way, it costs 7 points and does not impose the Anachronism penalty

Ruined City Shadow [Physical] (3 points)

Being stationed in the Ruined City is a dangerous assignment, even for the most sinister samurai among the Spider Clan. If the environment were not dangerous enough, the area is rife with potential enemies, and remaining undetected is the first priority for both Yotsu patrols and Spider operations within the city. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Stealth (Ambush) Skill Rolls made in urban environments.

Sacred Forest Native (Mental) [2 Points]

The spiritual folk of Sacred Forest Village consider you one of their own due to the nature of your ancestry, which includes someone from that region. You gain +1k0 to rolls with Lore: Theology and Lore: Spirit Realms.

Sacred Weapon [Material] (Varies) [CR]

You possess a special weapon created by the master weaponsmiths of your Clan, and considered to be an icon of all who bear the mon of your Clan. The cost of each individual weapon is denoted by the number after its name.





Kaiu Blade (6)

3k3 katana; unbreakable; -2 to target’s Reduction


Kakita Blade (5)

4k2 katana; may reroll damage once per Iaijutsu duel


Twi Sister Blades (3)

Daisho; +5 to Tn of all Disarm Maneuvers against you


Akodo Blade (6)

4k2 katana; Honor rank considered at +1 while carried


Storm Kama (pair) (6)

2k2 kama; +1k0 to attack rolls when wielding both


Inquisitor’s Strike (6)

3k2 wakizashi; considered jade against targets with Taint


Shosuro Blade (5)

4k2 katana; add +5 to TN to resist poisons applied to blade


Black Steel Blade (6)

4k2 katana; any exploding damage dice require target to make an Earth Ring Roll (Tn 15) or gain 1 point of the Shadowlands Taint


Moto Scimitar (6)

3k3 Scimitar; +3 to Damage Rolls made while on horseback

Sacred Weapon, alternate Black Steel Blade [6 Points]

This alternate Sacred Weapon serves as a weapon for the Spider during times when they cannot inflict the Taint. It acts as a 4k2 katana which causes an extra +5 damage any time one or more of its damage dice explode.

Sacred Weapon, Owl Blade [6 Points]

(This weapon derives from an alternate timeline where Togashi defeated Hantei and became the first emperor, with Hantei creating the Owl Clan, specialized with dealing with nonhuman creatures. As a result, it does not exist in the main timeline, although GMs can, as usual, adapt it if needed)
The sacred Owl Blades, crafted by Seppun artisans, are 3k2 wakizashi. The spirits within them are so strong that the blades are considered to be equivalent to crystal for the purposes of harming otherworldly/nonhuman opponents. These weapons are greatly prized throughout the Empire of Togashi, especially by the Phoenix and the Crab; Otomo diplomats often gain many favors for their clan by offering Owl Blades as gifts.

Sacrosanct [Social] (4 Points) [CR]

Because of some great service you or perhaps your parents performed on behalf of the Emperor, the Son of Heaven has placed you under his protection. You may not purchase this Advantage unless you possess an Honor Rank of 6.0 or higher. So long as your Honor does not drop below 6.0, no one of Honor Rank 5 or higher may attack you unless you attack them first; their rigid code of honor simply will not allow them to blatantly go against the Emperor’s wishes. Willingly entered duels ignore the effects of this Advantage. Imperial characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Sage [Mental] (4 Points) [CR]

You have a love of learning, and have accumulated a staggering amount of information during the course of your lifetime. Whenever you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when using a Lore Skill, you instead are considered to have 1 rank in that Skill. Phoenix and shugenja characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Sage of the Sword and Fan [Mental] (7 Points) [S&F]

This Advantage may be purchased (with the GM’s permission) after reading an original copy of the Book of Sun Tao or the original copy of The Subtlety of the Court. Reading this work allows the character to realize that war and politics are fundamentally one and the same. You gain the Mastery benefits of both the Battle and Courtier Skills, based on whichever of the two skills you have at a higher Rank. A number of times per day equal to your Insight Rank, you may use the higher Rank in those Skills when making a Contested Skill Roll with either of them. This Advantage costs 1 less point for courtiers.

Sensation [Social] (3 Points) [CR]

You are capable of enrapturing the crowd, no matter the circumstances. Whenever you would be required to make a Skill Roll using a Perform Skill you do not possess, you are considered to have 1 rank in that skill.

Servant [Material] (5 Points) [CR]

A servant has been assigned to assist you by your family, or possibly one whose help you purchased with your own resources in order to make life a little bit easier. You may have a maximum number of servants equal to twice your Status Rank. Different kinds of servants have different useful abilities and can more easily be supplied by different Clans. Typically, a servant has all Traits at rank 2 and a single Skill at rank 3. You may add additional Skill Ranks or Emphases to a servant at the time the Advantage is purchased by paying 3 additional points per Skill Rank or Emphasis. Consult the following table for sample servants and their costs:


Notable Abilities



One Artisan Skill at 3

-2 points for Crane


Etiquette (Conversation) 3

-2 points for Scorpion


One Weapon Skill at 3

-2 points for Lion


One Craft Skill at 3

-2 points for Dragon

Eta Attendant

Lore: Anatomy 3

-2 points for Crab


Animal Handling (Horses) 3

-2 points for Unicorn


Commerce (Appraisal) 3

-2 points for Mantis


One Lore Skill at 3

-2 points for Phoenix


Jiujutsu 3

-2 points for Spider

Seven Fortunes’ Blessing [Spiritual] (4 Points) [CR]

One of the Seven Fortunes, the most powerful of all the Fortunes, have taken notice of you and showered you with his or her blessings. These can be powerful bonuses, but sometimes come with expectations. The Fortunes are both fickle and wrathful, after all. The Clans listed after each blessing may purchase that Advantage for 1 point less than its normal cost.

  • Benten’s Blessing (Crane): The Fortunate of Romantic Love has showered you with her blessings. Whenever you are attempting to persuade someone, regardless of the circumstances, you gain a bonus of +0k1 to the total of the Social Skill Roll in question. This bonus only applies to persuasion, not coercion.
  • Bishamon’s Blessing (5 Points) (Crab, Lion): The Fortune of Strength has taken notice of your might, and has favored you with his blessings. Whenever you declare and make three successful Raises on an attack roll for the purposes of the Increased Damage Maneuver, you gain one additional Raise. Free Raises do not count toward activating this effect. You also gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of any Strength Trait Rolls.
  • Daikoku’s Blessing (Mantis): The Fortune of Wealth has favored you with his patronage, and you excel in matters pertaining to wealth and mercantile pursuits. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the toal of all Commerce Skill Rolls.
  • Ebisu’s Blessing (Unicorn): You have captured the attention, if only briefly, of the Fortune of Honest Work, and his favor is clear to those who serve him best. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Social Skill Rolls made with citizens of Rokugan who are not members of the samurai caste.
  • Fukurokujin’s Blessing (Dragon, Phoenix): The Fortune of Wisdom favors you above all others, and you reap the benefits of his patronage. Select one Lore Skill when you purchase this Advantage. Whenever you make a Skill Roll using that Skill, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of that roll.
  • Hotei’s Blessing: The Fortune of Contentment finds you a pleasing tribute to his works, and favors you with his sense of serenity and his jovial nature. Whenever an effect of any sort, either a spell, Advantage, Technique, or other effect, would cause you to lose Void Points, the instigator of the effect must first defeat you in a Contested Void Roll. If the effect already calls for a Contested Roll of some kind, your roll is instead increased by +10.
  • Jurojin’s Blessing (Scorpion): The Fortune of Longevity favors you, and as a result you can expect a long and healthy life. Whenever you are rolling to resist the effects of a disease or poison, you gain a bonus of +2k0 to the total of the roll.

Shadowed Heart [Mental] (5 Points)

You have trained your mind to be nigh-inscrutable to those who surround you. Rolls made to discern your true intentions or motivations, including Social Skill rolls and Spell Casting Roll for any spells which might lay bare your thoughts, have their TN increased by +5.

Silent [Physical] (3 Points) [CR]

You have a natural talent for moving silently at all times. You add +1k0 to the total of all Stealth rolls. Ninja characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Social Position [Social] (6 Points) [CR]

You have received an illustrious social appointment, whether through your own accomplishments or purely because of political reasons. You gain +1 Status Rank.

Soul of Artistry [Mental] (4 Points) [CR]

Your soul soars with the spirit of creativity. Choose either Artisan Skills or Craft Skills when purchasing this Advantage. Any time that you would be required to make an Unskilled Roll using a Skill of the chosen type, you are considered to have 1 rank in that Skill. Crane and courtier characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Spy Network [Social] (8 Points) [EoE]

You have access to an intelligence network that can provide you with a variety of covert information. Once per session if you can contact your spy network you can acquire a piece of useful information which would otherwise be unavailable. The GM has the fi nal say on what you learn, but it will always be something useful to your current endeavors. This Advantage cannot be used in environments where it would be impossible to make contact with your spy network (e.g. wandering the desert, exploring the Shadowlands or the Shinomen Mori, etc).
Daidoji family characters may purchase this Advantage for 7 points, Scorpion characters may purchase it for 6 points, and Kolat characters may purchase it for 5 points.

Stolen Identity [Social] (6 points, 5 points for Spider characters)

The city of Otosan Uchi was once the largest and grandest in Rokugan, and remained so for more than one thousand years. Even in its ruined state, there are secrets buried within that can reach across the face of an Empire. Among the ruins, you have discovered the trappings of another life, and can masquerade among the Great Clans in an established identity, complete with all the proper equipment. You may choose any one family and School from another Great Clan, as well as an alias. When using the Acting Skill to deceive others as to your identity, and using this alternate identity, you gain two Free Raises on any Acting Skill Roll. You gain the Outfit (but not the koku) of the selected School as well. Needless to say, getting caught in your false identity will lead to dire consequences.

Strategist [Mental] (5 Points) [S&F]

You have studied the key strategic treatises such as The Book of Sun Tao and Akodo’s Leadership and gained an instinctive grasp of their philosophies regarding strategy in war. You understand the necessity of maintaining focus on the larger picture, of seeing each battle as part of a greater campaign, and how these will contribute to achieving your strategic objectives. If your character is the commander of an army or one of its senior subordinate commanders (for example, the commander of the Vanguard, or of an entire wing of the Main Body), or is part of the commander’s staff, then your side receives a +2k0 bonus to the Battle (Mass Combat)/Perception Roll made to determine who is Winning each Battle Turn. You also receive a +1k0 bonus to any other Battle Skill Roll you make during a Mass Battle Turn. Lion characters may purchase this Advantage for 4 Points.

Strength of the Earth [Physical] (3 Points) [CR]

In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. Bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

Student of Shourido [Mental] (9 Points, 6 for Spider characters)

Truly dedicated followers of the Way of Victory are able to prevail despite their rejection of Bushido. When rolling to resist Temptation, Intimidation, or Fear, you may choose to add +5 to your roll instead of adding your Honor Rank to the roll.

Tactician [Mental] (4 Points) [CR]

You have a mind well suited to the ebb and flow of battle. When making a roll on the Mass Battle Table, you may increase or decrease your result by 5. Lion and bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Touch of the Spirit Realms [Spiritual] (5 Points) [CR]

Somehow, a fragment of the essence of a spirit realm is present in your soul, and suffeses everything you do. Shugenja characters may purchase this Advantage for 4 points.

  • Chikushudo: You gain a bonus of +1k1 on all Animal Handling rolls.
  • Gaki-do: When you resolve an attack that kills an opponent, you immediately regain 5 Wounds.
  • Jigoku: You may add your Taint Rank to any attack roll and any Skill Roll or Trait roll that uses a Physical Trait. If you are Lost, you add twice your Taint Rank rather than your normal bonus. You may not take this Advantage unless you possess the Shadowlands Taint.
  • Maigo no Musha: When you are awarded Glory in an amount greater than 3 points, you receive one additional point.
  • Meido: You gain a bonus of +2k0 to Contested Rolls versus attempts to manipulate you in social interactions, such as use of the Courtier Skill.
  • Sakkaku: You gain a bonus of +1k1 on Sincerity (Deceit) rolls.
  • Tengoku: You gain a bonus of +2k0 on Earth Ring Rolls made to resist the Shadowlands Taint.
  • Toshigoku: When making a Move Action to get into range to attack an opponent, the distance of your move is increased by 5 feet. (This costs 8 instead of 5.)
  • Yomi: Select one School Skill. You gain a bonus of +1k0 on all Skill Rolls made using that Skill. (This costs 7 points instead of 5.)
  • Yume-do: You can recover all expended Void Points with only four hours of rest, rather than the normal full night of eight hours of rest.

Virtuous [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

You embrace virtue in your every thought and action. You possess one additional rank of Honor above your normal starting value (as determined by your School).

Voice [Physical] (3 Points) [CR]

You have a voice that others find pleasing in virtually every respect. You fain a bonus of +1k1 on any Perform Skill Roll that utilizes your voice, such as Perform: Singing or Perform: Oratory.

Void Versatility [Spiritual] (4 Points)

You have a great capacity for drawing upon the strength of the Void as it exists within other elements. Select any one non-Void Ring. You may expend spell slots associated with that Ring to use Void spells in addition to their normal use. Only shugenja with an Affinity for Void spells may purchase this Advantage.

Wary [Mental] (3 Points) [CR]

You are constantly on alert, always looking out for the unexpected. When rolling Investigation (Notice) / Perception against Stealth (Ambush) / Agility to detect an ambush, you add +1k1 to your roll.

Watanu-Trained (Mental) [1 Point]

The Watanu ronin of Iron Heart Village are well known throughout the region for their superior skills in smithing. Select one Craft Skill related to the creation of metallic goods (not weapons or armor). When making Skill Rolls to create such items, you gain a bonus of +1k1.

Water Hammer Citizen [Social] (3 points)

Your time spent within Water Hammer City has given you an affinity for crafting, even if you have not devoted your life to the pursuit of such things. You gain one rank in a Craft Skill of your choice (this may not take you over the maximum beginning rank of 4). When determining the time required to craft any particular item, the cost of the item is considered one coin type smaller for you (for example, an item that has a cost measured in koku would determine its crafting time as if it were measured in bu, and an item with a cost measured in bu would determine the time as if it were measured in zeni).

Way of the Land [Mental] (2 Points) [CR]

You are intimately familiar with a particular region, having traveled it extensively to the point that you know it as well as the interior of your own house. Select the lands of one family, a major city, or some other reasonably sized region. While you are within that region, it is not possible for you to get lost, and you know the location of any available resources to be found there. Unicorn characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point.

Wealthy [Material] (1 Point/Rank) [CR]

Your branch of the family is particularly wealthy, and they have granted you additional resources in order to facilitate your fulfillment of your dury. For each point spent on this Advantage, you gain two additional koku, to be added to the amount in your School outfit. Crane, Unicorn, and Imperial characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less of its cost.

Well-Connected [Social, 3 points per Rank]

Choose one court when you purchase this Advantage. One time each session per level of the Advantage, you may roll Courtier / Awareness at TN 20. If successful, you gain the benefit of one minor favor from someone else at court. This favor should not be something that inconveniences the benefactor, and it will only be a small piece of information (e.g. “the daimyo intends to go hunting tomorrow”) or a simple bit of assistance (“I assigned you to a later guard shift”). The favor, however, will always be useful to some task you are currently pursuing. Courtiers may purchase this Advantage for one point less.

Zakyo Toshi Citizen [Social] (3 points)

Being raised in a city that wholly embraces commerce, gambling, and other such pursuits has allowed you many opportunities to improve your financial lot in life. You gain an additional rank in one Games Skill of your choice. The starting koku of your School’s Outfit is increased by 50%.