Advanced Fetishes

Listed below are some of the more well-known types of “normal” fetishes with examples for more powerful enchantments which could be added to them. GMs and players can use these for inspiration in developing their own ideas for fetishes.

Brooch of Plenty: This small brooch made of coral, carefully carved into the shape of a lotus blossom, helps its bearer ignore the effects of thirst and hunger. In its basic form it awards a bonus to Meditation (Fasting) rolls. A more advanced version can allow the bearer to actually ignore all effects of going without food and water for 24 hours.

Makeup Kit: The cosmetics in this makeup kit bear a simple prayer to the kami of Air, allowing them to subtly enhance the charm of an actor. The normal version awards a bonus to Acting Skill rolls. A more advanced version allows the user to pass as someone else for one hour.

Feather of the Crane: Crafted from a feather obtained when it fell naturally from a crane in flight, this fetish makes its bearer feel lighter, allowing for greater grace and speed. The basic version awards a bonus to Perform: Dancing rolls. Advanced versions are said to be able to allow flight through the air for a short distance (fifty feet or so).

Acorn of Vision: Carved with intricate calligraphy despite its tiny surface, this fetish must be swallowed to activate it. It allows a brief moment of insight into the future. The basic version enhances Divination rolls, but the advanced version may actually bestow a specific vision of the GM’s choice.

White Sheaf of Grain: This fetish, made from surprisingly humble materials, represents the sustaining power of rice and can help an injured person recover. The basic version enhances Medicine skill rolls, while advanced versions may actually be able to heal 1k1 Wounds.

Black Fan: Somewhat more sinister than most other fetishes, this item enhances the bearer’s charisma, but it tends to evoke more fear than respect. The basic item enhances Courtier (Manipulation) rolls, but a more advanced version might also enhance Intimidation or Seduction, depending on the specific design.

Blue Fan: A lighter and more pleasant counterpart to the Black Fan, the blessing on this item makes the owner come across as more pleasant and charming. The basic version enhances Etiquette rolls, but more advanced types might also award a temporary Advantage such as Benten’s Blessing.

Crow Feather: Crafted from a feather which fell onto a temple or other sacred sight, this item invokes the wisdom of the Tao. The basic form enhances Lore: Theology (Shintao) rolls, but an advanced type might actually restore a lost Void Point.

Incense of Concentration: Made of a secret mix of five substances designed to evoke the memory of the five Elements, the odor of this incense calms the mind and allows more effective meditation. The basic version enhances Meditation rolls, while more advanced types can purge Fatigue, restore Void Points, or even restore a shugenja’s spell slots.