Dragon Spells

These are not really “spells” as such, but rather are direct releases of the power of the Dragons, channeled through the limited capacities of a mortal. A character who becomes a Dragon Channeler gains the ability to cast three of these spells, without requiring a scroll to cast; the character may learn additional Dragon spells at the rate of one spell per 15 Experience Points.
For mechanical purposes, all Dragon spells are considered to be Mastery 6 spells in their respective Elements (the Thunder Dragon and Celestial Dragon spells are treated as Multi-Element spells). The Channeler may cast the spells with the Void Element even if he does not have the Ishiken-do Advantage. All of these are personal spells (e.g. no range, targeting only the caster). Their durations and effects cannot be changed with Raises.

Courage of the Thunder Dragon (Air, Fire)
Duration one hour. You are filled with the unstoppable spirit of Thunder. For the duration of the spell you are immune to Fear and all of your Traits are treated as one Rank higher for the purpose of Skill rolls and Trait rolls.

Ferocity of the Fire Dragon (Fire)
Duration 5 Rounds. You are filled with the aggressive spirit of Fire and wreathed in searing flames of destructive power. Anyone you strike in melee suffers an additional XkX Wounds (where X is your Fire Ring); anyone striking you in melee suffers the same damage.

Mystery of the Void Dragon (Void)
Duration 10 Rounds. The enigmatic power of the Void, everything and nothing at the same time, infuses you completely. Your awesome aura creates a Fear 5 effect on anyone who sees you (Fear 10 for minions of The Nothing). You gain a number of additional Void Points equal to your Void Ring (if not used by the end of the spell these are lost). Your melee attacks are considered to be Crystal for the purpose of harming creatures of the Shadow.

Perfection of the Celestial Dragon (Air/Earth/Fire/Water/Void)
Duration 1 hour. The most powerful of all Dragons (and the most difficult to channel) infuses your actions with the ideal perfection of Tengoku. A number of times equal to your lowest Ring + Insight Rank, you may automatically succeed on a Skill Roll or Spell Casting Roll with the maximum possible number of Raises you could call (including Free Raises if you have them).

Protection of the Earth Dragon (Earth)
Duration 10 Rounds. The unyielding power of the Earth grants you Reduction 10 and the creature ability of Invulnerability.

Tranquility of the Water Dragon (Water)
Duration 5 Rounds. You are immediately healed of all Wounds, poisons, and diseases. For the duration of the spell, you may heal other persons in the same way by touching them; this as a Complex Action.

Whim of the Air Dragon (Air)
Duration 1 hour. The power of Air lifts up your spirit and frees you from the bonds of earth. For the duration of this spell you gain +1k1 to all rolls for Social Skills, and you may fly at a speed equal to three times your normal ground movement.

This list can be expanded in some way to regard some of the other dragons.

The Jade Dragon symbolizes spiritual and moral purity, so her spell would most likely create an immunity to Taint and Shadow corruption. Your attacks might also be considered Jade for the purpose of harming Shadowlands creatures.

The Obsidian Dragon symbolizes temptation, selfishness, and moral (but not spiritual) corruption. A spell channeling him would most likely award bonuses to the Temptation and Intimidation Skills, but would probably diminish the caster’s Honor.

It is unknown whether the Shadow Dragon can be Channeled in the same manner as other Dragons. Touching its essence would probably award the abilities of the Goju (walking through walls, leaping between shadows, resistance to mundane weapons, and so forth) but would also quite definitely inflict Shadow Ranks on the character.

P’an Ku, the “mad Dragon,” is a truly mysterious entity whose origins remain shrouded in silence. Some shugenja have theorized he might be an earlier incarnation of the Air or Void Dragon which went mad. Channeling the power of P’an Ku would probably award shapeshifting and mind-reading abilities, but would rapidly drive the Channeler insane.