Susumu Seishuku

From Tales of Rokugan

Susumu Seishuku
Playful 🕷 Albino 🕷 Doshin

"Please don't forget me...."

Age: 19 Clan: Spider School: Ninube Shugenja Gender: Male
Eyes: Red Hair color: White Height: 5'9 Weight: Underweight


Once there was ronin who had been exiled from his home, reeking of failure. Loneliness consumed him as he was forced to wander Rokugan, struggling to survive for himself out on the harsh streets. He had nothing and was nothing as he lost himself into drink and gambling. Day after day, he couldn't find jobs and wasted away. As ribs appeared, fear began to truly settle in his lonely heart. The noble man he had once been had turned into a skeletal wretch that slummed about as he just tried to survive, but he wasn't surviving. He was on the verge of death, the very death he feared.

It was on those streets that the ronin found a young woman who hid herself in shadows, or more importantly he had been found by her. She saw the rare gift he had and took it upon herself to take him in, helping him. He didn't know why this was happening, but he didn't care. He had found someone to provide companionship and he was no longer starving. Each day he spent with her, she told him of a being that could give him so much power. Desire was sparked in his heart as he saw a way out. Power. That was all he needed to become something again and without asking for any details, believing that he had nothing left to lose, he agreed.

By the time he agreed and the power had been given to him, it was too late. Only after did the woman tell the ronin the consequences. His past and his name began to slip from his mind. As he struggled to remember who he was, she only laughed in his face, amused. The only things that he had left in his world, the only things he had that made him who he was, had been taken from him. Regret, anger, and sadness welled inside of him as he lashed out, striking and killing the unprepared, laughing woman. From there, the rest of his life was unimportant as he found others like him, as he found his family, and then began his life anew.

Fear. Desire. Regret. These are the three samurai sins and the three stages in which the world was born from the Nothing. These are the three sins that make up the entity currently known as Susumu Seishuku.


Seishuku's personality is as far from that of a stereotypical Spider's. Instead of being edgy, dark, or brooding, the young man is spectacularly outgoing and flamboyant. He yearns to be trusted again. To not be hated and loathed by everyone just because of the clan he joined. It's a tall order, but he's trying his best though there are massive setbacks, especially when he blatantly doesn't follow Bushido. Regardless of what happens, Seishuku makes a strong impression on most, whether or not the impression is a good one is left up to each individual.


The easiest way to describe Seishuku is that he is an albino. Like most Spider, there is something just off about the young man that makes him disturbing to be around. It's not that he's unattractive, which he is if you can stomach fact he's a Spider, it's just that his unfortunate trait that marks him as a Spider is his albinism. Piercing red eyes, ghastly pale skin, and hair whiter than snow. Rather than trying to neutralize his shocking appearance, he instead goes out of his way to make it more noticeable by wearing red eyeshadow and a gaudy outfit.

His outfit is a curious thing, obviously inspired by a mix of Rokugani culture and gaijin ones. On each hand are black gloves that wrap around his middle finger, leaving the other hands free, and go almost all the way up to his shoulder on his right side. On his left side, the glove is connected to his black shirt, while on the right side the shirt is sleeveless, revealing his right shoulder. So scandalous! Instead of a hakama, he wears almost skin-tight white pants with black boots that reached just above his knees. Covering it all is a loose furisode-type jacket. The design on the jacket was simple enough, made of a pleasant sea-blue primary color with a red inside, gold trim, and a section of both red and white at the bottom of the sleeves. A red and black obi with gold trim and tassels kept what would technically be a single kimono layer closed, but barely.

At his side is a black scroll satchel and his wakizashi that's housed in a black saya with silver swirls.


Likes Dislikes
Tea Too much sunlight
Fashion Annoying people
Flirting Loud noises
Scary things Working

Sad Boi Song

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