From Tales of Rokugan

Kasuga Aia - Head of the Council of 12 - Matron to the Island

Female, in late 40s Aloof, rich tastes

Kasuga Noku - Governor of Distant Turtle City

Male, Late 30s Liked by the population as a fair person

Kasuga Kimura - Assistant to the Governor

Male, late 20s Not very liked by people as he tends to favor the Tortoise over the locale population

Kasuga Chuya - Daughter of Kasuga Aia

Female, mid- teens, too pretty for out here

Kaiu Kuma, Harbormaster

Male, Late 40s Grizzled old sailor with too many stories, too many tattoos and too many opinions

Yoritomo Genkei, City Guard Commander

Male, Mid 30s Knows his stuff, and has no mercy for those acting against the Council “Shoot first, don’t question later” type A stoic and hard man, he is one of the few on the island given full authority on the island by the Council. He is not polite, and does not care to listen to other's pleas. There are courts, and other guard for that, he tends to think his time is more valuable than this. He is known to be pretty heartless when it comes to any illegal activity, and is known to issue orders of execution as easily as arrest warrants.

Dock Tavern Owner: Moshi Aito

Male, late 30s non-shugenja, trained in the generic ronin school boisterous and loud, but always cheery super stern about protecting his bar, but knows he will replace things often and remains quiet until they “get it out of their system”

Magistrate Hisa (NPC in charge of Law PCs)

Female, mid 30s Will go to bat for the players if they are right Backs the PCs, cause she picked them

Temple to Osano-wo Head Monk: Mikaira

Female, mid 30s Revered out of fear of his retribution in this city (Hurricanes are so a thing)

Temple to Haruhiko (Fortune of Fishermen) Head Monk: Benjiro

Male, Early 20s Quiet and soft spoken, beloved by the community Most sailors poke fun at his age, “youngin”

Owner of Geisha House/Gambling Den: Masae

Female, age indeterminate? Looks late 30s Elegant and refined She is not a geisha, she is a madam/owner

Locale Blacksmith: Noboru

Male, late 50s “Robust” in the middle Complains a lot

City Arbiter (Judge): Yoritomo Goshi

A fair, if blunt, old man. In his 50s he knows the law better than most lawyers, and does not hesitate to point this out. He hates outbursts in court and has been known to throw people out of court for nearly anything. He has the backing of the Council, and is feared more than respected by the population.

Corporal Yasuki Choso

A notable city guard senior. In his mid 30s he is not only experienced, but rather well received by the public as one willing to listen before rushing to judgement. He has applied to the magistrates several times, but never got a reply.

Magistrate Liaison Moshi Aionu

The woman in her mid 20s was the official go between for the magistrates and city guard. A very well versed scribe, her skill is used in court as much as her actual duty. She tends to favor the city guard, but has proven fair and able to remove her own opinions from her works.

Master Mastiff

Brutish master of the sword at the dojo

Master Hummingbird

flighty and ephemeral master of the bow

Master Eel

The master of chain weapons.