Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms

Postby Tolta » Sun May 19, 2019 2:17 am

This is by no means required to know by anyone, but meant as an interesting aside for those wishing for more authenticity.

Bugyo-sho: Clan Judicial Bureau, Office of the clan magistrates for a province.

Bugyo: Head clan magistrate for a province; acts as judge.

Yoriki: Managing assistants to the Bugyo; Station Chiefs, administrators, and Inspectors

Itsuke Tozoku Aratame-kata: Investigative Division for Arson/Organized Robbery; the “Robbery/Homicide” division of a clan magistrate office.

Doshin: The “beat cops” of the clan magistrate structure.

Komono: Peasant assistants to the magistrates, specialists in man-catchers and disarming techniques.

Gyobu-sho: The Imperial Ministry of Justice; Office of the Emerald Magistrates.

Dai-hanji: “Chief Judge”; One of the titles of the Emerald Magistrates.

Chu-Hanji: “First Assistant Judge”; Emerald Magistrates assigned to a particular territory.

Seu-Hanji: “Second Assistant Judge”; Roaming Emerald Magistrates with no designated area of responsibility.

Dai-tokibe: “Chief Inquisitor”; Acts as a second to a Chu-Hanji or Seu-Hanji and manages the Investigative staff.

Chu-tokibe: “First Assistant Inquisitor”; Middle-ranked investigators in the Emerald Magistrate System.

Seu-tokibe: “Second Assistant Inquisitor”; Lowest-ranking of the Emerald Magistrates. They do much of the legwork in investigation of violations of imperial law.

Agarizashiki: Prison cells for prisoners of the highest rank

Burei-uchi: Lit: “Striking down the Impolite”. The Samurai Right to kill commoners for rudeness.

Ebi-Zume: 'Shrimp Torture'. The Shinsen-gumi are particularly brutal in interrogations. An early “Stress Position”.

Go-Yo: Official Business. Often shouted during criminal press sweeps. The most terrifying words for a peasant criminal. The equivalent of “Halt! Police!” during police business, “Make Way!” for officials on their way somewhere.

Haritsuke: Crucifixion.

Kobun: “child status” Denoting junior status in a gang

O-Shirasu: Interrogation Center, often a torture chamber

Osadamegaki: The Official Provisions. Formal name for Imperial Laws

Ronanushi: Prisoner in charge of other prisoners. Typically one of the more well behaved ones that may be facing minor charges while in lock-up. Remember, prisoners are considered Guilty until proven innocent. On the other hand, if they behave themselves while things are sorted out, prisoners are typically treated pretty humanely. Being in ‘Emma-O’s Court’ tends to make Prison Staff behave themselves.

Sumaki: The Concrete boots of Rokugani underworld. The victim would be tied up in a bamboo screen, then heaved overboard to drown

Takadaimono: Lit: “High Platform Thing”, those sentenced to death via crucifixion, beheading, or burning.

“White Wave”: Elegant term for a thief